5 Options to Remove Varicose Veins

remove varicose veins keller

Varicose veins are painful, unsightly, and can be debilitating for your quality of life.  The good news is they are not permanent, and you can feel relief as soon as the day of treatment. You have several options to remove varicose veins.  Here are five procedures that can help you get back to living.

10 Last Minute Texas Summer Destinations

last minute texas summer destinations mcdonald observatory

Though it may be winding down, summer isn’t over yet! If you’ve been so busy getting through it that you haven’t had a chance do something fun, don’t worry. Our handy list of last minute Texas Summer destinations will help you plan the perfect last minute trip. Whether you’re loading up the kids or just want a fun getaway for two, we’ve got ten options for you to sift through and choose from.

It’s July and It’s Hot! We’ve Got a Giveaway to Beat the Summer Heat

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The summer heat is in full swing, but here at Advanced Vein Care, we are pulling out all the stops and making it summertime celebration time! You’ll be celebrating with us when you see what we’ve got up our sleeve!

Getting a gift card is great right? But while we all love a Target gift card, maybe a cool treat at Marble Slab is calling your name or even a delicious meal at a restaurant. So that’s where we are doing things a bit differently for this summertime beat the heat giveaway.