What is a Phlebectomy?

Phlebectomy—also called Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Hook Phlebectomy, Stab-Avulsion Phlebectomy, or Micro-Phlebectomy—is a method of surgical removal of surface veins, most commonly the larger varicose veins. Removal of veins is as old as surgery, but modern minimally invasive techniques have made this procedure an essential tool for the experienced Vein Specialist.

phlebectomy treatment

What to Expect During a Phlebectomy

Using local anesthesia, the veins are teased out through tiny puncture incisions using a small instrument similar to a crochet hook. This is usually performed in our office. The incisions typically leave very small puncture mark scars that heal very nicely. Recovery time is a matter of a few hours.  After the vein has been removed by phlebectomy, a bandage and/or compression stocking is worn for a short period.

The great advantage of phlebectomy is its efficiency- a vein removed is gone forever. We do not have to wait for the result; the problem vein is out!